Approach and Added Values

Single Point Approach

Less intermediates, more talent

In JFL Executive, the full cycle of Executive Search missions is done by Jeremy Florat. His headhunting expertise, international experience and market trust are essential parts to his success as Executive Search Expert and Business Owner.

By concentrating the full cycle on 1 Expert, you gain in quality, confidentiality, communication accuracy, reactivity and, at the end you increase the overall performance.

Customer Satisfaction

Despite outstanding results in an industry which is very competitive,
we have the modesty to not pretend to win the totality of our missions.

However, we are proud that our level of client satisfaction is maximal;
and for us, this is the most valuable success.


We constantly challenge ourself !

In JFL Executive, our objective is to find the right fit for our clients, and being sure that we have proposed the best candidates matching the requirement. And that’s why, we don’t limit our search to our current database or to easy access solutions.

For each mission, we are starting from a fresh look to your requirement and to the market. We spend the necessary time and energy to gather an extensive long list (the foundation of success) before to dig dive in profiles and step by step building a successful shortlist.


Via his single point approach, JFL Executive is able to better control the spread of information.

The seniority and the market trust of your Expert allows him to create interest without disclosing confidential information.

Market Trust

Thanks to the following faith in principle (quality over quantity…) and a successful professional path, Jeremy Florat has gained the trust from the market both from clients and candidates side.

He is also the creator and leaders of several job search groups on professional platforms.


With more than 20 years in the consulting industry, a working experience in 4 countries, 3 language spoken and some pioneer job search group creations (more than 25 000 members), the network of JFL Executive is « hot », dynamic, and it’s growing daily!